Independence Training Testimonials


“After attending your independence-training workshop, I left my fear behind.  I finally felt encouraged and hopeful about my daughter’s future.”

Diana P.

California (21 year old daughter)
“AIF’s independence training is universal while being personalized at the same time.  That’s extraordinary.”

Susan P.

Arizona (19 year old daughter)
“It’s when a parent who has been where you are lights the way ahead, the information seems even more special and valuable.”

Gracie D.

Florida (17 year old son)
“Your Autism Independence Training Sessions were amazing.  My husband and I walked away with a positive outlook and feel more prepared with the tools that all of us special needs parents have been searching for.”

Linda S.

Oregon (12 and 16 year old sons)
“I especially like learning from the “real deal”, a mother just like me. There is no information more valuable than the kind that comes from experience. I can’t thank you enough, Amalia!”

Sheri K.

California (10 year old son)
“Amalia, I must admit I was afraid to attend your independence training session. I didn’t know what to expect. A friend of mine went to one of your trainings and she told me I had to go. I am so very glad I listened to her. I learned a lot and I even found myself laughing. I have a much better understanding of what to do now and in the future.”

Cassandra W.

Nevada (15 year old son)

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“Amalia has truly helped me and my family stay on track for improving life for my thirty-five- year-old autistic brother. Her inspiration and knowledge have lit a fire within me for improving his conditions and securing a good future for him. She has provided me with concrete ideas, tips and solutions on how to reach this goal.”

Kristoffer Hanson

Brother, Sweden
“I think what you and Brandon are doing is so very important. Lots of people refuse to allow autistic children to reach for the stars – often it is parents who want to protect them from disappointment. Brandon is showing the world that with the right support people with autism can lead useful and largely independent lives. Your work highlights the adaptations society must make to accommodate us.

Thank you. Respect to Brandon-a true hero.”

Rory Patton

Autistic Adult, Scotland
“Good morning, Amalia!
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the WKU Special Needs Summit. My daughter Kelsey and I also enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you while you signed the books we purchased. Later, I had the opportunity to tell you how terrified I am to let go, as I know I must eventually do. Thank you for taking time to talk to me and for letting me know that it is possible. I look forward to reading your next book and hope it will be as insightful as the first. Thank you again for telling your son’s story.  It gives hope to other parents.”

Katrina Kinman Perry

Parent (26 year old daughter)
“You really touched my heart – the hope you spoke of with your son gave me so much hope for my son. Thank you for sharing your life with us at the Autism Camp in Pinedale, Wyoming. Your emotional journey with Brandon is incredible and I felt so connected to what you shared with us.

Kristi Fegler

“Amalia, Your video is inspiring and heartwarming! God bless you for the wonderful work you do. You are an inspiration to parents everywhere!”


“Amalia, It was wonderful to have you here with us at the Special Needs Summit. You have a powerful story that touched everyone present and I look forward to talking with you about your return trip to KY  to conduct a two-day independence training/workshop.”

Mary Lloyd Moore, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Director, Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex
Clinical Associate Professor
“Amalia, I caught a radio broadcast you gave in early March in Alaska. Thank you for sharing your pain and joys of life with your son, Brandon.  What a lovely way to remember a wonderful soul.

Thank you”

John Dennis

Radio Talk Show Host For WEEI
“Amalia, I thank you for sharing your very moving, personal stories of Brandon with our audience. Your brave recounting of your parental experiences certainly educated our audience and maybe even helped to remove some of the stigma some people associate with Autism. I thought you were a terrific speaker when you were here 7 years ago, but I think you’re even better now.”

Steve Fjeldsted

Director of Arts & Culture South Pasadena Public Library
“You are my hero. Thanks for sharing your life with me at the autism conference in Pinedale, Wyoming.”

Tahna Bourne

“Thanks Amalia for such an enlightening program. You are truly amazing!”

Christine K. Reeder

Senior Librarian, Adult Services Pasadena Public Library
“Amalia Starr gives parents courage and hope to face the anxieties and realities of independence for our growing population of young adults with Autism.”

Marianne Russo

President, The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network
“I never thought I could leave my disabled son without me. But now I feel if I make a plan I may be able to go in peace.”

Bill Davies

Parent, New Jersey
“The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board had the opportunity to have Amalia Starr give a presentation to parents who have children with a variety of special needs during a Special Education Advisory Committee Symposium. The RCCDSB is located in Renfrew County in the Province of Ontario, Canada and therefore the decision was made to have Amalia Skype in via the Internet as opposed to presenting in person. The event went off incredibly well and Amalia gave a very moving testimonial around her role as a parent of a child who had special needs and yet was able to live independently for 17 years! The talk hit an emotional chord for many of our parents as they are walking, leading and at times, following their child down a road to independence. The crowd was both laughing and crying as Amalia shared her journey and her son’s walk down the road of independence.”

Mark Searson

Superintendent of Educational Services Renfrew County District School Board
“Thank you so much for coming to Alaska to share your story. We appreciate your dedication to supporting other families along their journey.”

Stone Soup Group

Supporting Families Of Children & Youth With Special Needs